iStock_000018994990_SmallIn actuality tea does contain more caffeine then coffee, when measured in dry form. However a cup of coffee contains significantly more caffeine than a cup of steeped tea.

It is also important to mention that the chemical make-up of caffeine in Coffee and Tea also differ, as well on how our brain absorb and process caffeine.

Caffeine in Coffee is typically absorbed very quickly, giving your body an instant jolt, and sometimes contributes to jitters in some people.

Tea on the other hand, doesn’t give the same reaction, because tea contains polyphenols and amino acids(L-Theanine and Y-Gaba) which slow the rate of caffeine absorption into the body, and releases dopamine in the brain, giving you that happy, relaxed sensation.

Matcha in particular is a Japanese style tea. The tea plant is covered, for 20 days before plucking, then finely ground into a powder, contains high amounts of L-theanine. So when you drink Matcha, you are actually ingesting raw tea leaves, and higher amounts of L-Theanine, therefore reducing mental and physical stress by stimulating the brain.

So not only is drinking tea good for your body, it actually contains good amino acids making you feel relaxed!