Tea Products

The tea products we import are as diverse as their countries of origin. Our line of teas ranges from the most delicate white tea to the most complex black teas, with various grades, colour and profiles. Our Tea menu is available conventional, or certified organic.


EGCG Tea Polyphenols

For years now tea has been lauded for its abundant health benefits. Now try one of the heavyweights that gets it there. EGCG is a polyphenol – one of the most abundant in tea and the most powerful. Our EGCG, also referred to TEAWELL, is of the highest quality, and in powdered form is the best way to add this essential compound as a dietary supplement or to boost up the antioxidant value in beverages.

  • Antioxidant rich compound
  • May be effective in preventing Alzheimer’s
  • May be effective in treating diabetes

We source and supply the highest quality EGCG in North America. Our EGCG is extracted directly from tea, and because it is so concentrated, it may concentrate the health benefits from EGCG in tea. We guarantee the levels of our EGCG, and ship directly to your doorstep.