Tea Products

The tea products we import are as diverse as their countries of origin. Our line of teas ranges from the most delicate white tea to the most complex black teas, with various grades, colour and profiles. Our Tea menu is available conventional, or certified organic.



White Tea Extracts, Leaves & Powders

White tea is a fragrant, unoxidized tea, that can be prepared both hot and cold. White tea originally developed in China, and generally made from the very first spring buds and leaves of the Camelia sinensis var. sinensis plant. White tea is produced through withering and the final drying is accomplished in the sun or with gentle heat of fresh tea leaves immediately after they are picked. This process differs significantly from those used to make other styles of tea, and it gives white tea its distinctive flavor.

Holliday & Co imports the best white tea from China directly to North America. Every white tea we supply is selected and developed by a tasting and blending expert, and we use our tea tasting room and lab to produce the best white tea extracts and powders available. We supply both organic and conventional white tea leaves, as well as several specialty white tea products.

As the leading North American tea importer and supplier, we believe that good tea comes from dedicated, and knowledgeable vendors. Our bulk white teas, powdered white teas, and tea extracts represent the best of the best.

  • Certified Organic white tea
  • Decaffeinated white tea
  • White Mu–Cha (milled leaves/same process as matcha)
  • White tea leaves
  • White tea liquid extracts
  • White tea powders
  • White tea with 40% natural caffeine