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The tea products we source and import are as diverse as their countries of origin. Our line of teas ranges from the most delicate white tea to the most complex black teas, with various grades, colour and profiles. Our Tea menu is available Our Tea menu is available organic, conventional, with various certifications suited to your formulation.

At A. Holliday & Co, tea isn’t just our passion, it’s our lifestyle. We started out over 47 years ago importing and supplying the best tea leaves, tea extracts and powders in North America, and since then we’ve only grown.

A. Holliday & Co is unique among tea wholesalers in North America. Our passion for tea and our incredible sourcing network for importing fine teas and tea extracts and powders. We know tea.

Through A. Holliday & Co, you get access to teas from around the world directly from the grower. As the leading importer of tea in North America, our knowledge of sourcing and the raw material means an unparalleled product.

From fragrant and light white teas, to rich and hearty black teas, we supply the highest quality tea, and have a selection to fit any taste, and formulation. We supply both organic and conventional teas, and teas from a spectrum of grades, colours, and profiles. Above all, we are dedicated to supplying the highest quality teas and tea extracts and powders available.

When we import tea, we work with farmers and exporters from the most remote corners of the globe. We pursue the best tea, and import straight from the farmer and exporter to our Toronto headquarters or the delivery address of your choice. In our inhouse tea lab and tasting room, we blend leaves and produce potent tea extracts, and test and approve every lot before we ship directly to your door.

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