Green Tea Extracts, Leaves & Powders

Green tea is a lightly oxidized, savory tea made with the Camelia sinensis var. sinensis species of the tea plant. Green tea is made by picking ‘’two leaves and a bud’’ from fresh grown tea. Some of the finest green teas use one bud, or one leaf and a bud. The leaves are allowed to oxidize for a few hours, and then are finished through a careful heating process. China, the leading exporter of green tea, produces specialty teas such as Dragonwell and Gunpowder. Tea leaves that are heated in a wok, is a method of pan firing, and defines Chinese Green Tea. In Japan, as with our Matcha, leaves are covered before plucking, they are steamed until dry. For powdered teas, the stems and veins are carefully removed, allowing the leaves to be ground into an incredibly fine powder.

Holliday & Co offers only the highest quality green teas from China and Japan. We provide North America with delicious, antioxidant-rich green teas and green tea extracts and powders, reflecting the best work of artisan tea farmers across the world. Our green tea extracts and powders are formulated in our inhouse lab, where we taste, test, and evaluate every green tea we offer.

We’ve been importing and supplying, bulk green tea to the North American market for over 47 years. Each and every of the teas we offer are backed by the knowledge of our tea experts. Our bulk green teas and green tea extracts and powders are delicious, healthy, and supplied directly from the importer.

Green Tea Products We Source & Import

  • Certified Organic green tea
  • Decaffeinated green tea
  • Green tea leaves
  • Green tea liquid extracts
  • Green tea powders
  • Rainforest Alliance certified instant green tea powder
  • Dragonwell instant green tea powder
  • Gunpowder instant green tea powder
  • Green tea (high in amino acids)
  • Green tea with 40% natural caffeine
  • Goji berry green tea extract blend
  • Japanese teas
  • Matcha (organic available)

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