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From white to green to black, caffeinated teas are produced from the leaves of a single plant, Camelia sinensis. The difference between the teas comes only from how they are produced. Oxidizing the leaves after picking them turns them darker, and depending on the region, different styles of drying and finishing the leaves creates different flavors and experiences. At A. Holliday & Co, we take a further step – inspired by traditional Japanese teas like matcha, we grind our leaves into fine powders and spray dry them, creating incredible tea powders that can be made into hot beverages, RTD iced teas or used as culinary ingredients to add the unique flavors of tea to fine foods. Our tea powders are 100% soluble in water.

As the leading importer and bulk supplier of tea in North America, A. Holliday & Co has access to unparalleled and unusual teas from all corners of the world. We create instant tea powders out of everything from well known green and black teas, to rare yellow, Darjeeling and pu’erh teas. We create custom blends, decaffeinated and high caffeine blends, and flavored blends to meet any preference or palette.

We import all of our bulk tea directly to your delivery location, and use our tea lab and over 40 years of expertise to blend and create powdered instant teas. We serve as an instant tea supplier for all of North America, and ship directly to your doorstep.


Instant Tea Products We Source & Import

  • Instant White Tea
  • Instant Yellow Tea
  • Instant Green Tea
  • Instant Sencha Tea
  • Instant Jasmine Tea
  • Instant Oolong Tea
  • Instant Black Tea
  • Instant Pu’erh Tea
  • Instant Jasmine Tea
  • High Caffeinated Instant Teas (40-50% Natural Caffeine from Tea)
  • Decaffeinated Instant Teas
  • Goji Berry Instant Tea
  • Instant Tea Blends

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