Black Tea Extracts, Leaves & Powders

When tea leaves are picked from the Camelia sinensis plant, they immediately begin to oxidize. Imagine a green leaf falling from a tree – it turns brown, weathered, and breaks down. On tea farms, this process is carefully controlled – the green chlorophyll of the leaf oxidizes slowly, and as the leaf turns dark, new bold and malty flavors appear – the distinct richness of black tea. Black tea can be produced from all varieties of the tea plant and are commonly known and categorized by their country of origin or terroir – the Indian subspecies of the plant is known for its malty, full -bodied liquors and strong aromos, caffeine rich cup, while the Chinese subspecies produces a smoother, mellow black tea.

A.Holliday & Co is the leading black tea importer and supplier in North America. Our teas range from Certified Organic and conventional tea leaves sourced direct from all tea producing countries to powdered black teas and black tea extracts varying in characteristics. We supply everything from pu’erh tea, a type of fermented black tea from Southern China, to a black tea extract blended with goji berries.

By importing and supplying tea directly, we can provide North American businesses with a wide variety of black teas from around the world. Black tea is grown from Japan to Turkey, from Africa to Hawaii. A. Holliday hunts down the best black teas, imports them, creates incredible black tea extracts and powders, and delivers them directly to your doorstep.

Black Tea Products We Source & Import

  • Black tea leaves
  • Black tea liquid extracts
  • Black tea powders
  • Black tea with 40% natural caffeine
  • Certified Organic black teas
  • Decaffeinated black tea
  • Goji berry black tea extract blend
  • Pu’erh instant tea

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